Some comments on CTAN:info/tdscd

Joachim Schrod
Tue, 27 Feb 1996 03:29:22 +0100

>>>>> "UV" == Ulrik Vieth <> writes:

>> /teTeX/texmf/tex/plain/base:

UV> Should add at least logmac.tex (neeeded to TeX Knuth's errorlog.tex).
UV> There are also some more variations of (l)list.tex in last year's
UV> distribution of systems/knuth/local/lib.  However, I'm unconvinced
UV> that they should all go in the plain/base.

Exactly, that's not the wrong place for them. In my installation, I
have added a package `stanford' with Knuth's macros that are not real
basic plain stuff. Files like fontchart.tex, gkpmac.tex, letter.tex,
etc., are placed there as well. One might use a package name `knuth'
instead, I don't mind -- but please don't put them in base/.

UV> What about including other related software such as Acrobat readers
UV> or WWW brosers for those Unix platforms where they are available?

If there is additional software to be added, I would recommend Perl
and a modern Borne shell (e.g., bash). That enables us to write
portable scripts. E.g., my tex-it script from this morning uses shell
functions that are not available in very old Borne shells like the one
distributed with Ultrix.


PS: Still discussing theoretically. I have the current teTeX now, 4 GB
free disk space at home, a new CD ROM -- just in case sebastian sends
me one -- and will start to package stuff at the next weekend.

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