Some comments on CTAN:info/tdscd

K. Berry
Mon, 26 Feb 1996 17:20:41 -0500

    This conflict between "DC.enc" and "dc.enc" looks like a mixup of 
    the stuff that comes with fontname-2.0 and with the dvips sources.
    If I remeber correctly, "DC.enc" and "EC.enc" are some old versions
    of "dc.enc" and "cork.enc".  This should also be cleaned up.

I think you are right about this. DC.enc should be tossed.

    2.  If time permits in the production cycle, it might be a good idea
        to have someone (us?) check the contents of a preliminary CD 
        for problems, mismatches, mix-ups, etc. as mentioned above before 
        releasing it to the general public.

Yes, us. And I agree. Though I have no idea if I will be able to be one
of the people checking :-).

    What about including other related software such as Acrobat readers
    or WWW brosers for those Unix platforms where they are available?

Redistribution terms may not permit.
(Ghostscript has the same problem, unless you plan to include the
ancient GNU Ghostscript.)

    linux and solaris". also, its  a slippery slope. why not add gzip,
    unzip, netpbm, perl....

perl might actually make a lot of sense. gzip, too :-). (Then you could
gzip lots of stuff, if you start running out of space.) unzip, too :-).
netpbm, nah.

    There are no .bib files in teTeX at all (there have been too many to
    include all of them and I did not know which ones are the most important).
    But, of course, for the CD there sould be as many as one can find.

Get a snapshot of
That'll fill things up.

     > > bitstrea
     > > bitstream
    an interesting question....

Use bitstrea. It's eight characters. It'll save everyone pain in the
long run. Why not?