TDS / Unix CD work

Sebastian Rahtz
Wed, 21 Feb 1996 11:56:16 GMT writes:
 >     we  dont have an instalation script :-{ 
 > We're not going to query the user as to what they want to install off
 > the CD? Just blast the whole thing to the hard disk? I don't think
 > people will be happy.
i am hoping someone will write an install script. if they dont,
people will still pay their $10-20, i promise

 >     BTW please consider the fact that i cant have subdirectories under
 >     texmf/tex/latex/psnfss (remember that discussion?), so how do i divide
 >     up this stuff?
 > What stuff? I'm confused. if you're talking about the latest support
 > files, didn't we conclude the only feasible solution was to stuff
 > everything into that one directory?
i mean that the LaTeX files for Lucida Bright cannot go in
texmf/tex/latex/psnfss/lucbr (as one might wish) because we said it
was one level only.

 >      BTW (2), i am breaking down the texmf/dvips directory into
 >      texmf/dvips/<package> (ie starting with base), in order to make it
 >      quite clear what comprises eg pstricks and what does not. this works,
 >      but will screw `plain' dvips users, i suspect. does anyone think i am
 >      being over-hard?
 > Do you mean tex/dvips/<package>? I don't see why pstricks should be
 > under dvips. It doesn't come with it.
no, i mean texmf/dvips/<package>. dvips header files for packages

the point is that pstricks comes with half a dozen PS prolog files,
which dvips needs to see. so i put them in texmf/dvips/pstricks, but
the corollary of that was to put the standard stuff in texmf/dvips/base

 > I don't see why plain users will be screwed, but then I guess I
i mean dvips, rather than dvipsk, users, who wont see the subdirectories

 > really understand what you're doing :-). And yes, if you are going to
 > make dvips/psfonts unusable for plain folks, I think you are being
 > overhard :-).
no i dont mean *that* sort of plain, i mean "non-kpathsea" plain