TUG Unix CD, and ISOization

Ulrik Vieth TWG-TDS@SHSU.edu
Thu, 22 Feb 1996 18:06:33 +0100

Sebastian writes:

> i think the point is that texfaq_15 and texfaq_16 both truncate to
> texfaq_1;  you miss the boat by one character. just removing the _
> helps!

Well, that doesn't mean anything. It just happens to be the case for
"texfaq" whiere the basename is 6 character and the numeric part is
two-digits only.  However, there are other cases where the numeric
part goes into three digits (e.g. for the Texinfo manual) or where 
the basename is even longer (e.g. "texinfo", "kpathsea", "fontname").

It appears that it would really take careful tuning to make sure 
that all texi2html-generated filenames stay within 8 characters 
by shortening the basename and the same would apply for info/ 
if you wanted to make that usable for Emacs under DOS as well 
(e.g. by  using "dvips-{1,2,3}" instead of "dvips.info-{1,2,3}").

What surprises me a little that you make so much fuss about fixing 
the HTML file names so that they could go into an ISO-conformant
TDS tree below texmf/doc/html/, while you take it for granted or
otherwise don't seem to care that Info files would be non-conformant 
just because they happen to be in info/ instead of texmf/doc/info/.
IMHO, it should be done right for either both or none of them.

Cheers, Ulrik.