TUG Unix CD, and ISOization

Ulrik Vieth TWG-TDS@SHSU.edu
Thu, 22 Feb 1996 14:01:27 +0100

Sebastian writes:

> re ISOed names,  the kind of effect that ISOization has on Ulrik's
> html files is like this:

> Using TEXFAQ_1.000;1 for  ./texmf/doc/html/texfaq/texfaq_17.html (texfaq_16.html)
> Using TEXFAQ_1.001;1 for  ./texmf/doc/html/texfaq/texfaq_16.html (texfaq_15.html)
> Using TEXFAQ_1.002;1 for  ./texmf/doc/html/texfaq/texfaq_15.html (texfaq_14.html)
> Using TEXFAQ_1.003;1 for  ./texmf/doc/html/texfaq/texfaq_14.html (texfaq_13.html)
> Using TEXFAQ_1.004;1 for  ./texmf/doc/html/texfaq/texfaq_13.html (texfaq_12.html)
> Using TEXFAQ_1.005;1 for  ./texmf/doc/html/texfaq/texfaq_12.html (texfaq_11.html)
> Using TEXFAQ_1.006;1 for  ./texmf/doc/html/texfaq/texfaq_11.html (texfaq_10.html)
> Using TEXFAQ_1.007;1 for  ./texmf/doc/html/texfaq/texfaq_10.html (texfaq_1.html)

> really, texi2html could be rewritten easily to make this a lot
> easier...

Interesting!  Now, the question is what the ISOization would do if 
the files were name just "faq_xx.html" instead of "texfaq_xx.html". 
Would that at least result in "FAQ_xx.HTM" or in "FAQ_xx.000"?
That is, does it just invent new names when the basename exceeds
8 characters or does it do that as well for the extension part?

Cheers, Ulrik.