TUG Unix CD, and ISOization

Sebastian Rahtz TWG-TDS@SHSU.edu
Thu, 22 Feb 1996 12:33:27 GMT

 > If all extra packages are available as .tar.gz, then they can be installed
 > with a modified (extended) version of teTeX's install.sh. There 'just'
 > need to be opend a new series (e.g. contrib). The script is *very*
 > intellignet (e.g. calculates disk space requirements) and generates
 > the file lists in texmf/lists. These lists could be used to remove
 > packages.
ah, sorry, i should have thought of that. i shall examine it more
carefully (its amazing how many things you have thought of in teTeX,
its like an Aladdin's cave...)

re ISOed names,  the kind of effect that ISOization has on Ulrik's
html files is like this:

Using TEXFAQ_1.000;1 for  ./texmf/doc/html/texfaq/texfaq_17.html (texfaq_16.html)
Using TEXFAQ_1.001;1 for  ./texmf/doc/html/texfaq/texfaq_16.html (texfaq_15.html)
Using TEXFAQ_1.002;1 for  ./texmf/doc/html/texfaq/texfaq_15.html (texfaq_14.html)
Using TEXFAQ_1.003;1 for  ./texmf/doc/html/texfaq/texfaq_14.html (texfaq_13.html)
Using TEXFAQ_1.004;1 for  ./texmf/doc/html/texfaq/texfaq_13.html (texfaq_12.html)
Using TEXFAQ_1.005;1 for  ./texmf/doc/html/texfaq/texfaq_12.html (texfaq_11.html)
Using TEXFAQ_1.006;1 for  ./texmf/doc/html/texfaq/texfaq_11.html (texfaq_10.html)
Using TEXFAQ_1.007;1 for  ./texmf/doc/html/texfaq/texfaq_10.html (texfaq_1.html)

really, texi2html could be rewritten easily to make this a lot