more thoughts on .htm vs .html

David Carlisle
Thu, 22 Feb 96 11:33:55 GMT

   2.) Concerning Joachim's complaint regarding long filenames
       for TeX  

  In any case, I thing it would be the best approach for a CD targetted
  primarily at Unix to use long filenames under RockRidge and simply
  rely on the cleverness of DOS implementations to get along somehow
  with truncated file names (*if* they are really truncated and not
  mapped to something completely different).

Yes, I agree, I also have a few such of these long name packages,
longtable, enumerate, ... Emtex and I think most other DOS TeX's do
correctly truncate (emtex tries both truncation and first5+last3)
however if an iso file system might show longtable.sty as some random
unique name that happens to be 8+3 then it might be a good idea to put
longtabl.sty on the CD as well. (You could make a link I suppose, but
perhaps you can not rely on that doing anything sensible under an ISO
system either...)