TUG Unix CD: HTML documentation

Thomas Esser TWG-TDS@SHSU.edu
Thu, 22 Feb 1996 11:21:45 +0100

> It would theoretically be possible to mount the CDROM directly on
> the $TEXMF mount point, but it would sure be slow.  THat means that
> virtually all users will want to extract the files onto a faster
> storage device.  In the course of the extraction and installation, or
> just after it, the rational names and directory structures can
> be applied.

In fact, one of our aims was that tex, latex, xdvi, dvips, ... all should
run directly from the CD. Sebastian made some tests and he told me that
performance was not too bad.

> By the way, you are welcome to the 2.5 executables I put together.
> It's kpathsea2.6 stuff, all done up into shared object libraries.

Unless they are made from the teTeX sources, they are of no use for us.
teTeX's kpathsea has some features from the next web2c release, like
relative directory names in ls-R. I.e. the directory names in ls-R
start with ./tex/latex/... instead of being absolute. Together with
the selfdir feature, the CD may be mounted anywhere and used without
setting any environment variable.