TUG Unix CD: HTML documentation

Ulrik Vieth TWG-TDS@SHSU.edu
Wed, 21 Feb 1996 14:17:55 +0100

David wrote:

>> i feel inclined to leave them as .html and let them fall through to
>> .htm, at this stage

> If I understood Ulrik's description then `falling through' will not
> produce a set of links that is useable on an ISO/DOS system.

It might work as long as we're talking only about index.html files
in various levels of texmf/doc/ since it would be possible to get
along if they are only connected by links to a directory or ".."

>> All the filenames 
>> are constructed as <title>_<nnn>.html automatically by texi2html 
>> and all the links will fail if you rename them.

> so presumably when truncated to 8+3 the various <title>_<nnn> will
> typically all look like the same file, <titl> ?

> I hate DOS:-)

I hate having to care about DOS restrictions when producing 
a Unix CD. I think the options we have are these:

1) If the dogma is that everything below texmf/doc/ must be 8+3,
   then the texi2html-documentation belongs outside texmf/doc/.
   That's exactly the same problem we would face in the case of
   texmf/doc/info/ which is already in a separete info/ tree.
   In this case, you can just move the whole tree and edit the
   README and index files while everything else I produced can
   remain unchanged.

2) If anyone wants to have something similar suitable for DOS, 
   you're welcome to start by (a) hacking the texi2html program
   to produce .htm instead of .html in the internal links and 
   (b) regenerate everything I produced last night again from 
   the Texinfo sources (after having renamed them to a basename 
   that's no longer than 4 characters).  Any volunteers for that?
   If not, forget the idea!

Cheers, Ulrik.