TUG Unix CD: HTML documentation

Sebastian Rahtz TWG-TDS@SHSU.edu
Wed, 21 Feb 1996 12:52:09 GMT

David Carlisle writes:
 > > i feel inclined to leave them as .html and let them fall through to
 > > .htm, at this stage
 > If I understood Ulrik's description then `falling through' will not
 > produce a set of links that is useable on an ISO/DOS system.
yes. it'll be garbage in DOS and Mac. it needs a health warning
 > so presumably when truncated to 8+3 the various <title>_<nnn> will
 > typically all look like the same file, <titl> ?
no, they are not just truncated. the ISOization allocates unique
names, somehow

 > However it would be nice to at least ensure that for any new files
 > that are created in the TDS part of the CD at least have unique names
 > when truncated to 8+3.
someone needs to rewrite texi2html to write ISO-compatible names. but
its better to do that than hack the files by hand!