TUG Unix CD: HTML documentation

Sebastian Rahtz TWG-TDS@SHSU.edu
Wed, 21 Feb 1996 11:31:29 GMT

Ulrik Vieth writes:
 (when does this top being TWG-TDS business? do others want to read
all this? should we shift to another list? views?)

 > >> texmf/doc/html/index.html
 > > .htm, for ISO? or let it fall through
 > No, please don't truncate this to .htm.  Most of the files below
 > texmf/doc/html/whatever don't fit into 8+3.  All the filenames 
 > are constructed as <title>_<nnn>.html automatically by texi2html 
 > and all the links will fail if you rename them.  Remeber that 
 > this directory is indented to be read by (Unix) WWW browsers 
eh? why only Unix? PC people have Netscape too! 

 > which should be capable of handling them.  If you feel strongly
 > about this in texmf/doc/html, then put the whole tree elsewhere,
 > i.e. at a top-level html directory.

well, this *is* a TDS question. surely we should be sure that the TDS
tree contains ISO conformant files?

i feel inclined to leave them as .html and let them fall through to
.htm, at this stage