TDS / Unix CD work

Sebastian Rahtz
Wed, 21 Feb 1996 11:14:49 GMT

 > Well, so it really seems better to delay MetaPost for web2c-7.0,
 > doesn't it?  It that case, I'd also suggest delaying Omega, ML-TeX,
 > e-TeX as well since including them might have similar implications
 > AFAIK, web2c-7.0 will at least include MetaPost and tex -mltex.
it does seem sensible to wait...

 > I don't know about Omega, but I suspect it might imply some more
 > substantial changes to get everything up to Unicode/16bit etc.
what the implications are for kpathsea, i am not sure; but probably
not many.

 > > how is the Dante CD organized? compressed? CTAN layout?
 > CTAN layout, snapshot taken on 1995/11/01.  Everything is packed 
 > into zip files by directory.  So I have to do things like

ugh. thats no advance at all!

 > It works, but it's so incovenient that it makes a strong case
 > for using RockRidge to put long file names on the CD.
beware. i noticed yesterday that
gets ISOized to config.001, so don't assume that ISOizing is always
rational! (this is the algorithm in the mkisofs program i have, anyway)