TDS / Unix CD work

Ulrik Vieth
Wed, 21 Feb 1996 11:37:59 +0100

Sebastian wrote:

>> >> We might also include texi2html-converted versions of Texinfo
>> >> manuals, i.e. Kpathsea, Dvips, Eplain, AucTeX, TDS, ...
>> > i sense a volunteer...
>> That would be easy indeed.  I could more less just tar up what
>> I've got, but I'd better check that I have the latest versions.

> please, yes. i assume you *are* a teTeX user, so that you'llbe using
> the same as Thomas?

OK, since I was the one who suggested and since I had everything 
I needed around, I did that last night.  Details follow in the 
next mail.  BTW, I am a teTeX user, but I'm lagging behind. So far, 
I'm still using the development version teTeX-0.3 here and at home.

>> Well, perhaps I might have another look, but only if someone 
>> else (Thomas?) would take care of producing the binaries for all 
>> platforms. Also note that including MetaPost involves messing 
>> around with teTeX's kpathsea library and rebuilding kpsetool.
> oh horrors. this  is getting unfunny. i dont think we should do it
> this time

Well, so it really seems better to delay MetaPost for web2c-7.0,
doesn't it?  It that case, I'd also suggest delaying Omega, ML-TeX,
e-TeX as well since including them might have similar implications
AFAIK, web2c-7.0 will at least include MetaPost and tex -mltex.
Bernd already did some work on integrating e-TeX for texk-pretest,
but that still requires merging multiple change files for TeX, 
so it would be slightly more difficult but certainly possible.
I don't know about Omega, but I suspect it might imply some more
substantial changes to get everything up to Unicode/16bit etc.

> how is the Dante CD organized? compressed? CTAN layout?

CTAN layout, snapshot taken on 1995/11/01.  Everything is packed 
into zip files by directory.  So I have to do things like

  unzip -p <directory>.zip some-long-file-name.tar.gz | tar xvf -

It works, but it's so incovenient that it makes a strong case
for using RockRidge to put long file names on the CD.

Cheers, Ulrik.