TDS / Unix CD work
Tue, 20 Feb 1996 17:46:32 -0500

    we  dont have an instalation script :-{ 

We're not going to query the user as to what they want to install off
the CD? Just blast the whole thing to the hard disk? I don't think
people will be happy.

    BTW please consider the fact that i cant have subdirectories under
    texmf/tex/latex/psnfss (remember that discussion?), so how do i divide
    up this stuff?

What stuff? I'm confused. if you're talking about the latest support
files, didn't we conclude the only feasible solution was to stuff
everything into that one directory?

     BTW (2), i am breaking down the texmf/dvips directory into
     texmf/dvips/<package> (ie starting with base), in order to make it
     quite clear what comprises eg pstricks and what does not. this works,
     but will screw `plain' dvips users, i suspect. does anyone think i am
     being over-hard?

Do you mean tex/dvips/<package>? I don't see why pstricks should be
under dvips. It doesn't come with it.

I don't see why plain users will be screwed, but then I guess I don't
really understand what you're doing :-). And yes, if you are going to
make dvips/psfonts unusable for plain folks, I think you are being
overhard :-).