TDS / Unix CD work

Sebastian Rahtz
Tue, 20 Feb 1996 16:50:41 GMT

 > That depends on how you set up the search path.  Perhaps it might 
 > be a good idea to the platform-independ stuff like Perl or shell 
 > scripts into CD:/bin and only the binaries into CD:/bin/system.
i'll let Thomas comment on that...

 > >> We might also include texi2html-converted versions of Texinfo
 > >> manuals, i.e. Kpathsea, Dvips, Eplain, AucTeX, TDS, ...
 > > i sense a volunteer...
 > That would be easy indeed.  I could more less just tar up what
 > I've got, but I'd better check that I have the latest versions.
please, yes. i assume you *are* a teTeX user, so that you'llbe using
the same as Thomas?

 > Well, perhaps I might have another look, but only if someone 
 > else (Thomas?) would take care of producing the binaries for all 
 > platforms. Also note that including MetaPost involves messing 
 > around with teTeX's kpathsea library and rebuilding kpsetool.
oh horrors. this  is getting unfunny. i dont think we should do it
this time

 > How many platforms are there already in standard teTeX and how many 
 > do you plan to support?  But yes, you're right, any program that's
 > added needs to be compiled for each platform.
there are 12 now. thomas sent me 5 more today, and there are certainly

 > AFAIK, someone at DANTE did the work of putting the CD together, 
 > but the CD was produced by Addison-Wesley.  DANTE got 500 copies 
 > for distribution to their members.  I have no idea, how many A-W
how is the Dante CD organized? compressed? CTAN layout?