TDS / Unix CD work

Ulrik Vieth
Tue, 20 Feb 1996 16:57:00 +0100

>> While latex2html might be difficult, I'd suggest to include
>> texi2html, especially since Texinfo is already there in teTeX.  
>> It does require Perl (which we might assume to be available on
>> many Unix platforms), but as far as I know it works just fine 
>> with both Perl4 and Perl5.

> given the way teTeX works, this would have to do in every bin
> directory, yes?
That depends on how you set up the search path.  Perhaps it might 
be a good idea to the platform-independ stuff like Perl or shell 
scripts into CD:/bin and only the binaries into CD:/bin/system.

>> We might also include texi2html-converted versions of Texinfo
>> manuals, i.e. Kpathsea, Dvips, Eplain, AucTeX, TDS, ...
> i sense a volunteer...
That would be easy indeed.  I could more less just tar up what
I've got, but I'd better check that I have the latest versions.

>> > Package: metapost
>> > Note: needs a source patch, executables, and a diff for texmf.cnf
>> Well, I guess I would be the ideal candidate for that, should 
>> I allow myself to be drawn into it.  However, as I mentioned 
> if you dont, i dont think anyone else will
Well, perhaps I might have another look, but only if someone 
else (Thomas?) would take care of producing the binaries for all 
platforms. Also note that including MetaPost involves messing 
around with teTeX's kpathsea library and rebuilding kpsetool.

>> - filehdr (and checksum)
>> consist of an elisp package and a small C program
> compiled for 15-20 platforms?

>> - psutils: psbook, psselect, psnup, ...
>> most of them C programs, some might require Perl
> ditto, compiled for 15-20 platforms?

How many platforms are there already in standard teTeX and how many 
do you plan to support?  But yes, you're right, any program that's
added needs to be compiled for each platform.

> my contacts suggest i can make copies for around \pounds 5 a disk
> if i make 200-300. so i'd expect \pounds10-15 realistically to get 
> the package. how many did DANTE make, does anyone know?

AFAIK, someone at DANTE did the work of putting the CD together, 
but the CD was produced by Addison-Wesley.  DANTE got 500 copies 
for distribution to their members.  I have no idea, how many A-W
produced for sale with their book.  BTW, most of the book only 
tells you how to do unzip, gunzip, ftp, ftpmail, whatever, so 
it's almost entirely useless for anyone who knows that already.

Cheers, Ulrik.