TDS / Unix CD work

Sebastian Rahtz
Tue, 20 Feb 1996 16:31:28 GMT

 > But I also think the way to organize it is according to what fonts users
 > actually have, i.e., the installation options are:
 > 1) freefonts + 35
 > 2) bitstream 500 font cd
 > 3) monotype cd
 > 4) y&y lucida
 > and whatever else. *Not* by selecting individual typefaces or vendors,
 > since everyone will have adobe/*/utopia, but few will have adobe/*/garamond.
i buy the idea of separating out
but not on a basis of CDs. people buy things individually as well

 > If you *really* want to go overboard, we could construct a list of the
 > Type 1's supplied by the Unix vendors and have more options:
 > 5) AIX Type 1's
 > 6) SunOS Type 1's
but i dont want to go overboard :-}
 > If the installation script (assuming its existence) works off a database
 > that maps installation options to directories to install off the CD,
 > this would be easy.
we  dont have an instalation script :-{ 
its called cp -r

BTW please consider the fact that i cant have subdirectories under
texmf/tex/latex/psnfss (remember that discussion?), so how do i divide
up this stuff?

BTW (2), i am breaking down the texmf/dvips directory into
texmf/dvips/<package> (ie starting with base), in order to make it
quite clear what comprises eg pstricks and what does not. this works,
but will screw `plain' dvips users, i suspect. does anyone think i am
being over-hard?