TDS / Unix CD work

Ulrik Vieth
Tue, 20 Feb 1996 17:15:29 +0100

Karl asked:
>         Caveat: Collecting the raw data for index.html files is easy 
>         using the MakeHTML script in teTeX.  But making these index 

> What is MakeHTML?

Since Sebastian also asked about it, I'll better reply to TWG-TDS.
`MakeHTML' is a script that I got from teTeX, where it was located 
in texmf/doc.  It could be that is was originally called `makehtml' 
and I renamed it to have it sorted to the top of the directory.  
It basically recurses through all the subdirectories and generates
a simple listing of all .tex, .dvi and .ps files it finds.

It's good start for collecting raw data for an index.html file, 
but it doesn't know about .dvi.gz and .ps.gz.  Of course, it also 
can't decide whether a .tex file is just part of the source of 
a printed manual or an example that users might want to look at.

Cheers, Ulrik.