ltx2texi.el (was Texinfo/Info/HTML version)

Ulrik Vieth
Thu, 1 Feb 1996 10:19:37 +0100

Joachim writes:
>>>>> "KB" == K Berry <> writes:
KB> P.S. Joachim: If you like, you might put it up in tds/misc as well.
KB> If it gets distributed, perhaps it should be called tds2texi.el.

> If it shall be distributed, it must be sent to me again. I've thrown
> away the mail as I didn't intended to use it myself.

1. Karl is right concerning the name change.  Calling it ltx2texi.el
would probably raise false expectations, especially if it ends up 
on CTAN:tds/ and people happen to find it with `quote site index'.

2. We haven't yet established whether or not it should be distributed
at all.  As I said before, I wouldn't mind that, but whether it should
probably depends on whether it will actully be used in the production 
of ``official'' Info and HTML versions (in case any further revisions
are needed at all).  Of course, it that case the then-current version
of tds2texi.el should be archived, but not necesarily all previous

In any case, I'll send Joachim another copy in a private mail.
No need to clutter up the TDS mail archives with that.

Cheers, Ulrik.

P.S. Apparently, you misquoted the lines above.  The first line
reading KB> was actually my text, but Karl just uses indentation
for quoted text and no prefixes, so that wasn't clear to SuperCite.