modeless fonts

K. Berry
Wed, 27 Sep 1995 18:44:14 -0400

    > I don't think it would be desirable for output from utility A to
    > overwrite output from utility B

    MakeTeXPK checks for that.

Certainly. But the point is that there's no reason to assume all
renderers are of equal quality. If we have only one `modeless' directory
for the output of gsftopk, ps2pk, and other-programs-as-yet-unwritten,
that's what we're assuming. I think it's preferable, and certainly more
cautious, to admit up front that there are multiple programs to make PK
files from PostScript fonts, and people might want to have the output
from all (more than one) of them around, instead of making the standard
be to lump them all together.