bin/, info/, man/, ...

Thomas Esser
Wed, 20 Sep 95 10:17 EDT

>     info pages and manpages should be keep out of the draft. Maybe a
> I seem to recall some recent discussions about this, but I don't
> remember the conclusion. Isn't $TEXMF/man a natural place to put man
> pages? (Etc.) Shouldn't we recognize that fact? That's not to say
> everyone has to have it.
> In fact, I seem to remember being opposed to $TEXMF/man because of its
> platform-centrism, but then other people pointed out other platforms
> have man pages, and so on and so on. Sounded right to me.

Yes, now I remember, too. But I still suggest to handle bin, man and
info the same way. If the bin will be taken out of the draft, then
man and info should be, too.

man and info pages change with new versions of the binaries in general
and are distributed together with the sources of the binaries. Putting
just a part of this into the texmf tree seems like a looser to me.