bbeeton TWG-TDS@SHSU.edu
19 Sep 1995 14:15:52 -0400 (EDT)

         -- One must not use texmf/tex// as search path, due to duplicate
            files. TEXINPUTS must be set for each format anew. (There may be

    [speaking as stds-type person]
    I do not think the standard should require users to have a different
    TEXINPUTS path for each format, or implementors to support this
    feature. In practice, is there a problem for anything besides latex 2.09
    vs. latex2e?

although at the moment, i think we're down to a reasonable number of
versions of (la)tex, there have been times when we had as many as 5
live at once.  and indeed this *does* require redefinition of the
texinputs path, because while one is migrating a production system
from one version to a new one, it's not always practical to rename
every single macro file or to rebuild for robustness under all

another reason for specifying a variant texinputs path is for testing.

so, even though it may not be essential for the texinputs path actually
to be changed under any random circumstances, it is very necessary
that the *ability* to change the path be supported.  (or have i
misunderstood something?)
						-- bb