modeless fonts

K. Berry
Tue, 19 Sep 1995 06:48:55 -0400

     -- PK files not generated by MF go in
        [Joachim & Karl]

    te> I do not like that
    the files of the same type (e.g. .pk files) are stored at different

    alan> or (preferably):

The reason for the modeless/ directory, as I recall, is that searches
should generally take place over (1) the mode-specific directory (if any),
and (2) *all* mode-nonspecific directories (gsftopk, ps2pk, ...).

For example, for xdvi, one explicitly has to put the gsftopk// and ps2pk//
into the path, along with the usual $MODE//. Otherwise the PostScript
fonts aren't found.

That said, I'm not sure it's worth making the tree inconsistent just to
be able to say modeless//. Having the utility name serve as a mode name
seems natural.

    Basic point: The draft doesn't cover PK fonts not created by MF that
    don't have a concept of modes.

Yes, we do mention this. We say to use the utility name as the mode name.