bin/, info/, man/, ...

K. Berry
Tue, 19 Sep 1995 06:49:14 -0400

     -- Where are binaries placed?

Like Joachim and Thomas, I am entirely in favor of dropping the bin/
stuff out of the main part of the document (if not just removing it
entirely). I'm not sure it's a viable proposal for more than a handful
of sites, so probably doesn't deserve such prominent positioning.

    info pages and manpages should be keep out of the draft. Maybe a

I seem to recall some recent discussions about this, but I don't
remember the conclusion. Isn't $TEXMF/man a natural place to put man
pages? (Etc.) Shouldn't we recognize that fact? That's not to say
everyone has to have it.

In fact, I seem to remember being opposed to $TEXMF/man because of its
platform-centrism, but then other people pointed out other platforms
have man pages, and so on and so on. Sounded right to me.

    recommendation where to put them, but it should be clear that these
    could be outside the texmf tree, too.

That is clear anyway. We already say that any of the directories we give
in the std need not exist at any particular site, unless they are useful
there ..

    `emtex/texmf/ is wrong' is good. In contrary, I think it doesn't

Hmm, seems reasonable. I think there are lurking implications here, though.