Open Problems

Alan Jeffrey
Mon, 18 Sep 95 14:09 BST

>I'm loosing my job in two weeks (and have no new one yet), so don't
>expect much engagement from me in formulation issues.

Good luck finding a new job!

>  -- PK files not generated by MF go in
> 	fonts/pk/modeless/<utility>/dpi<dpi>/<font>.pk
>     [Joachim & Karl]

Please no!  Please either:


or (preferably):


It's easy to get the <supplier> and <typeface> by looking to see where
the .tfm file is kept.  

> -- Where are binaries placed?
>     o  Non-Unix folks don't like bin/<platform>/.

It's worth noting that sometimes non-Unix people have good reasons for
this!  Eg on the Mac it's usual for an application to keep all of it's
associated files in the same folder as it, or in subfolders.  Eg OzTeX
expects something like:  


ie texmf has to be under OzTeX, not the other way round.  (It's
possible to fool it using symbolic links, sorry I mean aliases, but
this gets you into hot water when installations are copied off CD-ROM,
etc. because you end up copying the pointer rather than the

>	I'm not convinced that it will really help, but it won't
>	introduce problems either; so we should just add it.

Or encourage people to use `sensible' names (eg sussex).