Installing TDS at Sussex

Alan Jeffrey
Tue, 12 Sep 95 17:50 BST

>The whole thesis of the TDS is that searches are cheap. If this is not
>true, things are hopeless anyway. What good does it do for the DVI
>driver to search a small directory if TeX has to search a big one anyway?

OK, so the pragmatic argument doesn't work...  I guess I just find it
odd classifying images as TeX sources, just because TeX happens to be
one of the programs which reads them.

But I guess I don't particularly care whether the files are
texmf/images/<type>/<bundle> or texmf/tex/images/<type>/<bundle> or
even texmf/tex/generic/images/<type>.  But I think we should say
something about where they should go.

>There've been some discussions of directly supporting multiple trees,
>but I have yet to be convinced it's worthwhile.

I definitely agree with this!