Installing TDS at Sussex

Alan Jeffrey
Tue, 12 Sep 95 14:19 BST

>Why don't you use that new command included in 2.6 that uses kpathsea
>to locate a file? (Can't remember it's name right now.) Then you'll
>find exactly the same file as MF found. 

Karl pointed out kpsewhich to me, which makes life much easier.  The
algorithm I now use is (in pidgin sh):

   FONTHOME = `kpsewhich $ || kpsewhich $NAME.tfm`

   ... tear $FONTHOME apart to get the appropriate bits and pieces ...

This will die horribly if anyone installs their own mf or type1 fonts,
but it's not obvious what to do in that situation.  But I doubt this
is very likely here...