Installing TDS at Sussex

David Carlisle
Mon, 11 Sep 95 12:31:47 BST

  my memory is that we had done this, i was obviously wrong. but i think
  it should go in - "local" is reserved, and its contents undefined.

  that doesnt mean that "elsevier" and "umb" shouldnt register their
  names, tho, imho

I dont really mind mind `local' but last time this came up (now where
is that archive of this list:-) I thought the idea was to recommend
named direcories `elsevier' etc (or totally separate tds tree) so that
tds trees from different sites may be more easily merged.

I think the idea of `registering' every such name is a non-starter.
Every installation of TeX that has *any* local files would need to
register a unique name. So here (probably typical?) we would need to
register tds names for virtually every science department + the
medical school + the central computer centre + quite a few arts
departments. These are all `autonomous' TeX installations administered
by individuals in each department. Some of these installations
probably just copy the central computer centre set up, but I'd guess
Manchester would need a dozen or so names. And that is just one of
three universities in one town in a small European island. A global
register would get big very quickly for no obvious gain?