Installing TDS at Sussex

K. Berry
Sat, 9 Sep 1995 16:38:02 -0400

    There's no TDS directory specified for images, which is odd, since
    they have to be on the TEXINPUTS path in order for graphics.sty to
    pick them up.  I ended up using texmf/images/<type>/<group>/<file>, eg
    texmf/images/epsf/sussex/ssxcrest.eps for our crest.

Because, as you say, images have to be found by TEXINPUTS for the TeX
macros to find the bounding boxes, I think they belong under texmf/tex//,
in whatever directory is appropriate (with package, localism, or
whatever), instead of in a new top-level directory. That just
complicates the TEXINPUTS path.

    The main point where I disagreed with TDS was the specification that
    local files should be put outside the heirachy.  There's no way on

What about if we reserved the name ``local'' at every level for people
to put stuff into if they want? (Similar to `misc' now.) I'm not sure if
this is better or worse than the proliferation of ``sussex'', ``umb'',
``elsevier'', etc.

I guess we had this discussion before, but I'm not sure why we settled
on a separate tree. I think we must bow to reality -- texadmins are not
going to create separate texmf trees and double the size of their paths
just for the sake of a couple of files. (They might with a
reasonably-fully-populated tree, but I suspect that case is rare to

Thus, perhaps we should support/recommend both.