Installing TDS at Sussex

Thomas Esser
Fri, 8 Sep 1995 20:16:13 +0200

>  > : ${MFDIR=/local/texmf/fonts/source}
> with a trailing /mf//, surely?

You mean 'trailing //', as source was chosen instead of mf in the TDS.

>  > : ${PSFONTSMAP=/local/texmf/dvips/}
> hmm. i have about 70 map files....

Ai... All MakeTeXPK versions I know of (including my one) only look at
one if a font is a postscript one...

>  >      $GSFTOPK $NAME $DPI >&2 || exit 1
> you lose the choice of using ps2pk?
> and, Alan, you of all people to forget to allow for 8r re-encoding????

What do you want to imply here? gsftopk can handle 8r re-encoding.