Installing TDS at Sussex

Alan Jeffrey
Fri, 8 Sep 95 18:15 BST

>oh dear another one....

Indeed.  Such is life in the wacky world of distributed software
development...  The problem I had with Karl's (I think it was
Karl's...) was that it found the <supplier> and <source> by parsing
the filename.  It seems to me much simpler to find the pfa/pfb/afm
file using find, and use that to get the supplier and source.

> > There's no TDS directory specified for images, which is odd, since
> > they have to be on the TEXINPUTS path in order for graphics.sty to
> > pick them up.  I ended up using texmf/images/<type>/<group>/<file>, eg
> > texmf/images/epsf/sussex/ssxcrest.eps for our crest. 
> i personally
>dont like this much. why not with your departmental style file? but
>its an interesting point

If the epsf files are put somewhere else, it saves dvips and friends
searching all of $TEXINPUTS trying to find them.

>i think there is a difference between "local", as in "university of
>sussex" and "local" as in "Alans hacks". BUT if you choose "sussex"
>rather than "local" you should REGISTER the name sussex so that its
>unambiguous all over the world. "sussex" is a fair choice, "cs" or
>"mathsdept" is not....

This registration seems bizarre to me.  Register with who?  Every
institution with it's own notepaper/techreports/newsletter/etc is
going to need a texmf/tex/latex/<oursite> directory, all we can do is
encourage sensible naming conventions.

> > : ${MFDIR=/local/texmf/fonts/source}
>with a trailing /mf//, surely?

That directory is passed to find, not to a kpathsea program.  If there
were a kpathfind or similar, I'd use that...

> > : ${PSFONTSMAP=/local/texmf/dvips/}
>hmm. i have about 70 map files....

Well, I did say it was site-specific!  

>you lose the choice of using ps2pk?


>and, Alan, you of all people to forget to allow for 8r re-encoding????

Nope, gsftopk copes with ReEncodeFont lines in the file.