Installing TDS at Sussex

Sebastian Rahtz
Fri, 8 Sep 1995 16:34:09 +0100

 > was produce a new MakeTeXPK, which I'll attatch for those interested.
oh dear another one....

 > There's no TDS directory specified for images, which is odd, since
 > they have to be on the TEXINPUTS path in order for graphics.sty to
 > pick them up.  I ended up using texmf/images/<type>/<group>/<file>, eg
 > texmf/images/epsf/sussex/ssxcrest.eps for our crest. 
 i personally
dont like this much. why not with your departmental style file? but
its an interesting point

 > earth I'm going to duplicate all of the TDS structure, so I used files
why not? whats the problem

 > like texmf/tex/latex/sussex/ssxlet.cls for our letter class.
i think there is a difference between "local", as in "university of
sussex" and "local" as in "Alans hacks". BUT if you choose "sussex"
rather than "local" you should REGISTER the name sussex so that its
unambiguous all over the world. "sussex" is a fair choice, "cs" or
"mathsdept" is not....

 > : ${MFDIR=/local/texmf/fonts/source}
with a trailing /mf//, surely?

 > : ${AFMDIR=/local/texmf/fonts/afm}
trailing // please!

 > : ${PSFONTSMAP=/local/texmf/dvips/}
hmm. i have about 70 map files....

 >      # Got a Type 1 source, so run gsftopk.
 >      echo $GSFTOPK $NAME $DPI >&2
 >      $GSFTOPK $NAME $DPI >&2 || exit 1
you lose the choice of using ps2pk?

and, Alan, you of all people to forget to allow for 8r re-encoding????