path-searching again

Pierre MacKay
Tue, 31 Oct 1995 09:22:54 -0800

Let me reassure you, I am slowly working everything into /fonts/tfm
format.  There is no resistance there.  I don't like it even now, and
for whatever reason, it soaks up more inodes than the other way round.

fonts/tfm has won, but I have yet to detect the slightest improvement
in searching efficiency as a result.  If ls-R is not up-to-date, I
get a lot of thrashing, and if it is, I get as near immediate 
font selection as I could ask, given the breadth of my font library.

But publicly, the majority has spoken, and I follow the example of
Rene Levesque rather than Jacques Parizeau.  I do not intend to drag
us into another root-canal session.

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