path-searching again

David Carlisle
Mon, 30 Oct 95 09:53:42 GMT

> With a rationally constructed texmf.cnf, or its equivalent
> in another environment, a tfm file placed in

> 	   texmf/fonts/foo/bar/pk/dpi300/tfm/cmr10.tfm 

With the adopted fonts/type structure this is true, but with the
originally proposed fonts/supplier structure, and an input path of
then such a file *would* be found by any normal setup. As far as I can
see the only way to stop it being found would be to a) use the !!
technique so that only the database is searched, not the disk, and b)
do not use ls -R at the top level to create the ls-R file, but rather
selectively produce the file by just adding whatever lines you *want*
to be in the database.