path-searching again

Paul Vojta
Sun, 29 Oct 1995 18:56:00 -0800 (PST)

On Sat Oct 28 13:56:43 1995, (Pierre MacKay) wrote:

>    >   This improves the maintainability of the font tree,
>    >   but, unless all the programs that search this tree employ some form of
>    >   caching, there are serious performance concerns.  For example, in order
>    >   to find \path|cmr10.tfm|, {\TeX} would potentially have to search
>    >                       ^^^
>    >   through all the directories that contain \path|pk| files
>    >                                                  ^^
>    >   in all modes and at all resolutions.
>    > 
>    > I don't understand this. Is this a mix-up or something?
>    No, but implementing texmf/fonts/supplier/typeface/type/... would be a
>    mix-up for the above-mentioned reason.  The problem is:  how does TeX
>    know that the dvi [I meant tfm] file isn't located in some weird place like
> 	   texmf/fonts/foo/bar/pk/dpi300/tfm/cmr10.tfm ?
> Was this ever fully answered?

I believe that I fully answered the first question.  I intended the
second question to be rhetorical.

> I am rushing through back mail and
> it may be redundant to comment at this time.  But---
> With a rationally constructed texmf.cnf, or its equivalent
> in another environment, a tfm file placed in
> 	   texmf/fonts/foo/bar/pk/dpi300/tfm/cmr10.tfm 
> would simply not be found, and why should it?

How would you "rationally" set up a texmf.cnf without creating all the
problems that recursive searches were intended to avoid?  The most
straightforward path in texmf.cnf would be


and that most certainly would have to find the above .tfm file.

--Paul Vojta,