texmf/bibtex substructure

Ulrik Vieth TWG-TDS@SHSU.edu
Tue, 24 Oct 1995 11:34:14 +0100

Sebastian wrote:
>> - BibTeX base distribution	(CTAN:bibtex/distribs/styles)
>> - adaptable BibTeX styles	(CTAN:bibtex/contrib/abststyles)
>> - styles for phyiscs journals	(CTAN:bibtex/contrib/phy-bstyles)

> please, no! lets not start a breakdown in terms of usage like this,
> it starts to have ramifications all over the shop. it breaks the
> principle that one can easilu identify a package and remove/changed
> it, if 3 otherwise-unrelated styles are in one directory just because
> they are all physics-related.

Sorry, but I think you've misunderstood this.  As the CTAN directories
above indicate, these are indeed distribution packages maintained by
different pepole, so it fits quite well with the principle that one
can easily identify and maintain a package.  The BibTeX style files
for pyhsics journals are not grouped together just because they are
all physics-related, but because they are maintained by the same person 
at PPPL and generated from a common source by use of a preprocessor. 

Hope this clarifies this misunderstanding.