K. Berry TWG-TDS@SHSU.edu
Sat, 21 Oct 1995 12:11:50 -0400

    Eek. config is such a nice name. 

Nice but ambiguous.

    And nothing in the name indicates that
    I should not put files into the config directory.

That's true. I didn't mean to imply fault on your part for using in
tetex, but rather on our part for not specifying well enough :-).

    Well, I think the graphics package does not work if no driver is specified.

And it doesn't supply a default config file? Hmph.

    Maybe, I have missed some arguments (too much email in the moment). What is
    the argument against a local directory?

There is no argument against the local/ directory. It's been there for a
couple of drafts, and I have heard no complaints.

    So, why can't we just go like this: I put teTeX's config files to

I think tetex's config files should go somewhere under tetex,
offhand. But I don't know how to accomplish that. TEXINPUTS shouldn't
have to include texmf/tetex. Ugh.

    and the site-specific files may go into local?

I agree with this, and I added text to that effect in 0.101.  (BTW,
there may be problems with the shar file I included in the mail, I'm not
sure. The ftp version should be ok, though.)