K. Berry TWG-TDS@SHSU.edu
Fri, 20 Oct 1995 17:20:23 -0400

    At least the teTeX distribution contains a couple of sample config
    files to help people get going without much fuss and I think it's 
    good that they are collected in one place in a config/ directory.

They should go somewhere else. If a distribution supplies them, they're
a distribution file, not a locally-created file!

I'm confused about the whole thing. Do graphics and babel *require* a
config file, and yet do not supply a decent generic one to start from?
I'm guessing they're like LaTeX, and supply a config file a site can
change or not, and tetex does ... what?

    As long as the config files are locally generated, they should be
    placed in config/. (All of them: It's a Good Thing to know what one
    has changed in distributions.)

I agree.

    Please not. It's a hassle to remember months later which files were
    changed/adapted in an installation and which ones weren't.

Right. Plus the CD-ROM argument.

    If one adds an explicit hint to local/ that this is the place to
    store site-specific (adapted) configuration files, dropping config/
    is fine with me. 

I've done this. I see no reason for two different site-specific directories.