tds font organizations

K. Berry
Thu, 19 Oct 1995 17:54:21 -0400

      to find \path|cmr10.tfm|, {\TeX} would potentially have to search
      through all the directories that contain \path|pk| files
      in all modes and at all resolutions.

    I don't understand this. Is this a mix-up or something?

No, the mix-up is the point of this argument. If tfm/ and pk/ are under
supplier/, instead of the other way around, a stupid recursive search
for tfms would look at pk directories. I go into chapter and verse if
you really want.

(Personally, I find this argument totally unconvincing, and still think
the filetype/-first organization is no better in performance than
supplier/-first, but we've already achieved a (grudging :-) consensus,
so I'll shut up :-)