tds 0.100 feedback

Paul Vojta
Thu, 19 Oct 1995 11:02:42 -0700 (PDT)

On Thu Oct 19 04:01:19 1995, (Ulrik Vieth) wrote:
> *
>   This improves the maintainability of the font tree,
>   but, unless all the programs that search this tree employ some form of
>   caching, there are serious performance concerns.  For example, in order
>   to find \path|cmr10.tfm|, {\TeX} would potentially have to search
>                       ^^^
>   through all the directories that contain \path|pk| files
>                                                  ^^
>   in all modes and at all resolutions.
> I don't understand this. Is this a mix-up or something?

No, but implementing texmf/fonts/supplier/typeface/type/... would be a mix-up
for the above-mentioned reason.  The problem is:  how does TeX know that the
dvi file isn't located in some weird place like

	texmf/fonts/foo/bar/pk/dpi300/tfm/cmr10.tfm ?

--Paul Vojta,