tds 0.100

David Carlisle
Thu, 19 Oct 95 17:56:57 BST

Me> If not, and  \input latex/file.tex  is supposed to mean that file.tex
Me> is in a directory called latex, then the TDS would need completely
Me> restructuring, not just relaxing a uniqueness restriction.

Paul> Not applicable.

Ah in that case I think latex/file.tex would be a very bad syntax for
this as the current semantics for it on any TeX that accepts / as a
directory separator *is* that the input path contains a
directory called latex directly containing a file called file.tex.
I'm not sure what a good syntax would be, or even the intended meaning.
Is \input latex//*//file.tex (say) supposed to restrict the search
just to the top level texmf/tex/latex subtree or does it  search the
whole tree, including texmf/tex/plain/* looking for a directory latex,
and then looking below that for a file called file.tex?

Personally I'd rather the whole notion be dropped, I am sure that some
version of this idea would be useful, but it just seems too late in
the day after months of discussions to be adding new ideas to the

If it goes in I think it should not suggest any possible syntax and be
suitably vague about sematics, something like  ... if it were possible
to restrict the search path to a subtree via the use of suitable TeX
macros .....