tds 0.100

K. Berry
Tue, 17 Oct 1995 10:37:04 -0400

    > ! However, this is not currently practical, since no current {\TeX}
    > ! implementation supports this.

Ohh, you're speculating on a new syntax for filename searches within TeX ...?
I didn't understand that before.

    > In the current wording, it's not at all clear to me how the TDS tree might
    > look different.

Probably because it wasn't clear to me, either. What is your conception
of how the tree would change?

    Is the intention that TeX supports \input latex/file.tex to mean to
    find file.tex in some sub-directory recursively below latex for

I don't know. Paul, is that what you had in mind?
If so, I don't think this is the right syntax to contemplate;
latex/file.tex should mean look for a file file.tex in a directory latex,
because that's a regular filename path.
Perhaps //?

    Furthermore, the particular example |\input latex2e/file.tex| is a bad
    one as the TDS directory name for LaTeX is latex not latex2e, and the
    primitive TeX \input syntax (without {}) is strongly discouraged in

Thanks for catching that. I guess the example will be
plain//testfont.tex or something.