tds 0.100
Sun, 15 Oct 95 13:12:37 WET

On Sat, 14 Oct 1995 17:23:02 -0400 K. Berry said:
Karl, many thanks for your work in coordinating the editing of the
"final proposal" for tds, that will be published in TUGboat 16#4 to
come out at the end of this year. I also appreciate the contributions
by all those individuals who  have collaborated in making the document
a workable compromise that will form a sound basis for a directory
structure for tex-related software that is not too much biased towards
a particular operating system. I hope that all developers will find this
proposal acceptable and the tds structure as soon as possible.
>I changed the address for postal comments to say TUG instead of
>ORA. Seem reasonable? With publication in TUGboat, we might actually get
>postal comments, so we should probably alert the TUG office? I'd
>actually feel more comfortable getting them myself (then I know they
>won't get lost in transit), but it seems a bit odd to have a personal
>postal address on a standards document :-).
I think it is up to the tds working group to decide who is to receive the
comments, since it is better that they are dealt with immediately rather
than centralized in the TUG Office, which will have them to pass them on to
a nominated individual anyway. So I think it would be more efficient to
decide on a contact person/address to receive electronic and postal comments.

Michel Goossens