tds 0.100

K. Berry
Sat, 14 Oct 1995 17:23:02 -0400

OK, I've added a bunch of stuff for version 0.100. Here's the
ChangeLog. No diffs this time, they'd be bigger than the document.

I added an appendix on file formats, but I don't know the answer to all
of them, and I'm sure some are still missing. Please help. Also, the
formatting needs to be improved (no extra vertical space between items).

I changed the address for postal comments to say TUG instead of
ORA. Seem reasonable? With publication in TUGboat, we might actually get
postal comments, so we should probably alert the TUG office? I'd
actually feel more comfortable getting them myself (then I know they
won't get lost in transit), but it seems a bit odd to have a personal
postal address on a standards document :-).

Does anyone object if I make the section titles lowercase (i.e., follow
normal rules, not the dumb [IMHO] American ``title'' rules)? They're
bothering me.

Christian, I added you to the author list at the end. I also
(heavily) edited your email message about the DECUS TeX structure into a
section in the appendix. Please inspect and emend as necessary ...

Joachim, I changed tdsguide.cls. Don't know if you're tracking that.
Also, I have a question -- can we easily change the formatting for the
table of contents? I really want it to fit on one page. That means we
have to squeeze things a bit.

I've been ruthlessly editing things for conciseness, consistency, etc.
Hope nobody minds.

Sat Oct 14 16:07:16 1995  Karl Berry  <>

        * Version 0.100.

Fri Oct 13 16:23:34 1995  Karl Berry  <>

        * tdsguide.cls (\textwidth): Make a little larger. Don't bother
        reading tdsguide.cfg just to get mflogo.

        - Mention that a format author doesn't have to have a <format>
        - Don't use makeindx as an example.

Thu Oct 12 14:19:25 1995  Karl Berry  <>

        - Add Christian Spieler to the author list.
        - Reserve tex/images for eps files etc.
        - Remove implication the texmf/tex/plain has no subdirectories.
        - More implementation-specific stuff, this time under
          `program'. From Alex Kok et al.
        - Expound on texmf/source a bit. From Alex Kok.
        - Tell people to go read if we're talking about mysteries
        - Remove all instances of the confusing word `application'.
        - Mention that examples are documentation, and move discussion of
          the alternative to an appendix.

Tue Oct 10 15:45:32 1995  Karl Berry  <>

        - New section on duplicate filenames.
        - Image files are likely to go under texmf/tex.
        - Printers can have multiple resolutions. From Bernard Gaulle.
        - Reference the level 0 DVI standard.
        - Define `dpi' better. From Nelson Beebe, David Kastrup.
        - Document the reasons for not using modeless/. From David Kastrup.
        - Mention the (presently impractical) possibility of \input
          latex2e/file.tex. From Paul Vojta.
        - make uninstall or an equivalent is desirable. From Alan Dunwell.
        - Remove `files are...' text. From Doug Waud.
        - /opt is another likely root. From Jeff Gealow.
        - Use dpiNNN, not just dpi. From Bart Childs.
        - Slightly improved description of MP. From Bart.
        - Recommend . at beginning of search paths. From DEK via Sebastian.
        - Include musictex as an example generic/ directory.

Mon Oct  9 17:36:27 1995  Karl Berry  <>

        - mft/ is no longer a special case under tex/.
        - Move `package distribution' to an appendix section.

Fri Oct  6 17:23:15 1995  Karl Berry  <>

        - Remove \protect. From Ulrik.