.sty & .fd structure

Sebastian Rahtz TWG-TDS@SHSU.edu
Thu, 12 Oct 1995 15:06:34 +0100

K. Berry writes:
 >     solution is to say that i have already grabbed "adobe", "monotype",
 >     "bh" etc, and that all the related files should go in there at one
 > Does the adobe/whatever level buy you anything? The filenames already
 > have to be distinct. Maybe just dump everything into latex/fonts or some
 > such?

um, you are right of course. in that case tex/latex/psnfss. it doesnt
help the person who develops a new style for  a new typeface tho - do
they make a new package, or do they treat psnfss like misc, and simply
add to it?

my pragmatic answer is that i "own" tex/latex/psnfss so that should be
left alone, and others shoyld use tex/latex/fonts like they use misc