.sty & .fd structure

Sebastian Rahtz TWG-TDS@SHSU.edu
Thu, 12 Oct 1995 09:14:09 +0100

 > Going through old mail. An unresolved issue -- what about the TeX inputs
 > .sty's and .fd's for fonts? 
 > Is there a de facto solution people have adopted?
didnt we thrash at this a month ago? in what forum? gurk, my memory is
 >     >   I wanted to preserve the "supplier typeface" scheme when installing
 >     >   the non-psnfss LaTeX files from the psfonts distribution, it seemed
 >     >   strange to have it for tfm's, vf's, etc but not .sty and .fd's.

now hang on. we dont *want* people installing the non-psnfss old
psfonts stuff anyway. or am i confused?

 >     >    tex/latex/fonts/adobe/bookman       /* .sty and .fd files */
 >     >    tex/latex/fonts/monotype/perpetua

i started to do this, but then realised we dont want that many
directory levels in there.

my memory is that it is up to `suppliers of packages' like me to
register package names, albeit at present simply informally. so my
solution is to say that i have already grabbed "adobe", "monotype",
"bh" etc, and that all the related files should go in there at one

but i am not very happy about this