Comments and questions concerning draft 0.98, directory layout

Sebastian Rahtz
Thu, 12 Oct 1995 09:19:20 +0100

 >     >    [musictex] The LaTeX style files should probably go into /texmf/tex/latex/musictex/;
 >     >    but the main macros, should the located under "plain" or under "generic"
 >     >    (The main macros are needed by the LaTeX interface!).
 >     Then they go in generic/.
 > Can't musictex be a format, so then they would go in texmf/tex/musictex,
 > rather than texmf/tex/generic?

i think we should use the format level sparingly; would anyone build a
musictex.fmt? i somehow doubt it. while i dont feel that strongly i'd
tend to go with the splitting analysis