modeless/ or not?

Sebastian Rahtz
Thu, 12 Oct 1995 09:17:49 +0100

 > consensus on this. I wrote up the following for the appendix, but find
 > myself unconvinced by these arguments.
 > We may regret this decision. We are making an implicit assumption that
 > {\MF} is the only program producing mode-dependent bitmaps. This
 > assumption may be proven false in the future, and then the generating
 > program name will need to be included in all cases. 

*i* am convinced by your arguments. the answer to the last para (in
theory)  is to rename everything in modes.def to be prefixed with
"mf". we have a space for "what the hell generated this lot for what
sort of machine", and we can use it for what we like. maybe the
relatively adhoc naming in modes.def will have to be rethought, but
the principle seems sound to me