modeless/ or not?

K. Berry
Wed, 11 Oct 1995 17:34:29 -0400

So, did we decide to drop modeless/? I'm not sure if we reached
consensus on this. I wrote up the following for the appendix, but find
myself unconvinced by these arguments.

\subsubsection{Modeless Bitmaps}

The \abbr{TDS} specifies using utility names as mode names for those
utilities which generate bitmaps, e.g., \path|texmf/fonts/pk/gsftopk/|.
An alternative was to introduce a single directory \path|modeless/|
below which all such directories could be gathered. This has the
advantage of not requiring each such directory name to be listed. But it
has disadvantages, too: it would use the last available directory level
on CD-ROM's; and it would put |pk| files at different depths in the font
tree, possibly hindering existing search strategies and certainly a
likely source of confusion. We decided to stay with existing practice
and keep the utility name at the same level as the mode names.

We may regret this decision. We are making an implicit assumption that
{\MF} is the only program producing mode-dependent bitmaps. This
assumption may be proven false in the future, and then the generating
program name will need to be included in all cases.