Feeling uncomfortable with designation `public'

Fri, 06 Oct 1995 22:24:19 +0100

After this debatte, I'd ask you to register a foudry
jknappen in the TDS tree. I suggest to place the following three
font packages there:

dc and tc

  With the Sauter fonts, the situation is more complicated. They should be 
placed either

(a) together with the standard sources of Computer Modern
(b) under the name sauter

  The complications arise because of duplicate names; both the base 75 
parameter files by Knuth and the Sauter tools contain a file named 
`cmr10.mf'. However, it does not matter which one you use, since the
Sauter file is designed to give *exactly* the same output as the Knuthian 
one, and therefore qualifies as a legitimate `cmr10' according to the 
copyright of Computer Modern.

  If you use the Sauter tools you probably don't want to maintain a `split 
distribution' of Computer Modern, with one part under knuth/cm/tfm another
under ams/cm/tfm and a third under sauter/cm/tfm.

  Allthough I maintain the Sauter tools, my own contribution to them 
consists only in some bug fixes, the original idea and implementation is 
John Sauter's and hasn't changed substantially.

Yours, J"org Knappen.

P.S. It is interesting to go through the CTAN font directories and read the 
licences and copyrights the authors have left there. 

One font I have states that it may only distributed from ymir.claremont.edu 
or tex.ac.uk (both archives don't exist anymore, and I never checked if 
that special copyright was ever changed...)